I did my first radio ad at the age of 11, having wriggled my way into a local radio station and pestering them until they gave me something to do. I taught myself editing on reel to reel when they weren’t looking, and on Saturday mornings they let me spin Casey’s Top 40 (on records!) and usually in the right order.

At 15 I left home to the Interlochen Arts Academy to study acting for three years, and then a year of college at The Hartt School at the University of Hartford.

After leaving college I worked on stage with The Brave New Workshop and Theatre in the Round in Minneapolis, and wrote and performed comedy bits on something called “internet radio” at in the late 1990’s – (RealPlayer was required, oh the buffering).

After that it was small town living and back to radio and voice work. I’ve done radio ads for everything from Hardees to Laleman’s Septic Tank Pumping. You can also find my voice on over 500 videos at, and on ads for Super Natural Silver, Alkavision, and many more on talk radio programs carried by the GCN Network on stations all over the country and online.

I never stopped doing voice work in one form or another, whether On-Air, or doing silly character stuff, interviews, or commercial production. I’ve voiced thousands of ads over the years, done live radio drama on public radio, written jingles and had a great deal of fun.

Voice Over Artist